The highly effective fumigant with insecticidal effects

What is BLUEFUME®?

Draslovka’s BLUEFUME® is a chemical compound with the formula HCN. The use of HCN as insecticide for pest control has its roots in nature. Many million years ago, plants learned how to “keep” HCN as natural defense in their tissue.

Nowadays, BLUEFUME® is widely used for the control of parasites and pathogen vectors in the fumigations of structures and production lines as well as stored commodities such as grains or tobacco for instance.


High efficacy

Effective as insecticide and rodenticide with zero resistance in storage pests and excellent effects on the egg stage

Routine and safe application

The use of cylinders allows an application without direct operator exposure thanks to the use of distribution lines

Rapid action

BLUEFUME® treatment usually take from 24 to 48h only

distribution and penetration

BLUEFUME® rapidly distributes throughout the fumigated space and offers excellent penetration, for instance into flour residue


BLUEFUME® is a nonselective biocide that is used for structural fumigation (i.e., industrial buildings and processing plants, flour mills, ships, airplanes etc.) and for fumigation of commodities and fresh produce (i.e., bananas, pineapples, cut flowers etc.), in preparation for shipment.


  • Agro-industries: post-harvest stored commodity facilities such as feed mills, soybean mills and silos stored commodities
  • Production lines and other structures including vessels and planes
  • Quarantine and pre-shipment


Durable commodities


Oil seeds

Coffee beans

Cacao beans

Perishable commodities



Cut flowers

Target Pests


Old-house borer

Asian long-horned beetle

Confused flour beetle

Bed bugs



Brown rat​

House mouse

For more info regarding BLUEFUME®, please refer to the product label and application manual, visit Draslovka’s website or just contact us directly.