Thanks to its large experience with handling dangerous gas packed in cylinders and to its well equipped in-house laboratory, MEBROM® started the refrigerant gas reclaim-service in 2010.
The target is to provide its customers with a service which they can widely use to sort out their problem of handling refrigerant gas during and after equipment maintentance.


MEBROM® designed cylinders equipped with a special double port valve to empty, clean, dry and vacuumm refrigerant gas from cooling installations during maintenance or repair.
Te recovered refrigerant gas is analysed to check if it is polluted with impurities such as oil, metal parts, water, etc...
The gas can be cleaned to be recycled according to EU regulations, or is treated as waste if it cannot be used again in cooling installations.

MEBROM® provides the cylinders and the service to treat the waste refrigerant gas on a ecological way (analysis, recycling, destruction)


MEBROM® has always been deeply involved with the preservation of the environment by following the most stringent European regulations regarding the handling of dangerous goods.
For the reclaim refrigerant gas service, MEBROM follows the regulations as below:
  • EU Regulation 259/1993 on transportation of wast in, to and from the EU
  • EU Regulation 1005/2009 concerning ozone depleting substances
  • Flemish Government Regulation from 2/7/1981 concerning prevention and management of waste products

  • Waste products must have a perfect traceability on provenance & destination
  • Important administration service to issue the legal documents
  • Measures to recover and recycle waste refrigerant gas in order to reduce the impact on environment

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