about mebrom

Global manufacturer and distributor of agrochemical and fumigation products

Originally established in Belgium in 1982, MEBROM has grown into a well-known worldwide distributor of agrochemical products offering a wide-range of fumigation, pest control, disinfection, bio-stimulating products as well as gas destruction
and reclaim technology and services.

Because our products are used in industries critical to human life such as the agricultural and agro-industries, or the quarantine and pre-shipment treatments of internationally traded goods and commodities, Mebrom’s commitment to safety, excellence and eco-friendly solutions is unwavering.

our vision

To contribute to safer food and a cleaner environment by bringing our sustainable fumigation products and technology to the world

our mission

Bring to customers our in-depth understanding of local markets, extensive experience in the distribution and registration of fumigation products, and innovative
technology solutions

present focus

We strive to fortify our leadership in 21st century fumigation practices where safety, technology, sustainability, and environment are the key elements to improving quality of life.

when we started
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international presence

Mebrom’s head office is located in Hong Kong. Mebrom also has offices in Bangkok, Zelzate, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai, Auckland, Port Adelaide,
Mumbai, Johannesburg, Cordoba, Mexico City and in Delaware, USA.

These offices are a true testimony to commitment to our clients and partners in every location worldwide.